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Welcome to Minnesota! If you don't know of them, check out Fall Con/Spring Con in the cities. They are free comic conventions for creators, if you're into the con thing.

Katharine Linnea's Art & Comics Answer:

Thank you! It’s good to be back.

Fall Con and Spring Con, huh? I will definitely check them out. I wanted to go to Convergence, too, but it kind of fell off my radar when I was doing my thesis comic and now… nope. 

THERE'S ALWAYS NEXT YEAR... thanks for the recs! asks

Goodbye, Baltimore. Hello, Minnesota!


As you might have known, for the past four years, I’ve been learning illustration in Baltimore, Maryland. Well, I just finished my last class on friday, packed like a whirlwind all night, drove cross-country for two days, and now i’m living in Minneapolis, Minnesota.


It was a pretty fast change. It was really disorienting to wake up in an entirely different place today. However, I saw five turtles last night, and a momma coyote and her three babies this morning.

In the short term, I now have time and a physical place to start inking all the things I sketched during the past few weeks.  I’m setting up a studio space for myself, too! Now is the time for me to make really good art.

In the long term, please be on the lookout for when I set up a store and keep an eye out for my comics!

\(ÒeÓ )/

baltimore minneapolis update LET'S DO THIS